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Dean White

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Dean has been involved in Muay Thai for 27 years & went to Thailand for the 1st time in 1989 to pursue the true heart of Muay Thai. Dean trained at gyms that no one apart from Thai's had ever ventured to. Because of this Dean became one of the UK's pioneer instructors, bringing the clinch knee style to our shores and is known as the Freddie Roach & Angelo Dundee of Muay Thai.


Dean, as of today has trained 93 title champions in 16 yrs including 4x World Champion & World Games Gold Medalist in Bangkok 2003 that person being Dale White who is ranked in the World top 5 and has been for the last 9 years.

Dean also trains -

2x World Champion Mellisa Ray - top class female who as fought all over the world.

4x World Champion Rudolf Durcia - highly feared top class world fighter.

World Champion Kevin Harper - who as had some great scalps to his record including Thopatak to name a few.

Dean has also trained, European, Commonwealth, British, English, Anglo, Irish, & Area Champions

Deans Team in the Thailand World games 2003 was the England record medal winning team ever and has never been matched not even to this day.

Dean Was the first none Thai National to have his own Thai fighter fight at the main event in the worlds no1 stadium, Lumpinee in Bangkok, along with also promoting in 3 different provinces in Thailand.

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