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About Dean Whites Gym

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Founded 1991 by Dean White and Sandra Lawson.

Dean White started Muay Thai in a Leeds gym in 1983 & also did classes in Manchester & Bolton. He had his first trip to Thailand in 1989 to learn his interest of the clinch & knee work.

Sandra Lawson trained at Master Toddys gym in Manchester starting in 1987 and was unbeaten as a fighter winning 2 British titles before opening their own gym in Dewsbury West Yorkshire! Dean Whites Gym was founded in the UK in 1991 by Dean White & Sandra Lawson after a number of trips to Thailand to train @ the world famous Nongkee Pahuyuth Camp in Buriram N.E. Thailand training along side such fighters as:

Namkabuan Nongkee Pahuyuth Lumpinee champion Nicknamed "The Ring Genius" one of Thailand's greatest fighters ever.

Numphon Nongkee Pahuyuth 2x Lumpinee champion

Therkiat Sitthepitak 3x Lumpinee champion Nicknamed "The Tactician" due to his clever way of turning any fight his way against any opponent. Again one of Thailand's greatest fighters ever.

The trainers have also trained at other top camps in Thailand learning from the best in the world spending months at a time at camps such as Sasiprapa , Sit O Buriram, Nakornthong Parkview, ISS, Sangtien Nois camp, Kaewsamrit. These 6 Muay Thai camps alone have had over 50 Muay Thai & boxing champions. We have spent over 3 years learning from these camps and that is why Dean White's Gym is one of the most respected gyms in the UK, Europe & even the World.

We have now trained over 30 champions ourselves, men, women & children, Area, English, British, European & World champions. Also Gold medalist in World Games 2003

Happy training with us.

"To be the best, train with the best."

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