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Royal Armouries June 19th Results

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Royal Armouries June 19th Results

Nicole Watson v Kelly Meegan Eire 60kg

Nicole started well showing nice style both girls exchanging big kicks & punches
2nd round more of the same close 50/50 fight
3rd rnd Nicole just went to pot with Meegan coming very strong with Watson hardly replying
to anything  winner Meegan pts good fight and learning process for Nicole

Jonny Gilroy v Sebastian Spain

Jonny getting caught in first 15 secs to big punching Sebastian taking a 8 count Gilroy finishing the
1st rnd with cleaner kicks
rd2 Gilroy by far better fighter with Sebastian looking for big puches and slightly stronger in clinch
this was the same for rnd 3 & 4 also
rnd 5 Jonny started the rnd trading punches getting caught by the big punching spaniard and getting
a bad cut under his eye  winner Sebastian RSF rnd 5 due to eye damage

Dale White v Javier Leon Spain

Dales fight fight in 4 yrs against big puncher Leon who had fought for 2 titles this year loosing both on
points 1 in France which was dubias result

Rnd 1 Dale looking like he had never been away catching Leon with nice push kicks body punches & knees
Javier just missing with very powerfull hooks
Rnd 2 Dale again took the fight to the Spaniard trapping him in the corner hitting him with jumping knees
again with Leon looking for big shots Dale cornererd him in his own corner connecting with crocodile kick
to his head Leon landing big right hand Dale taking half step back countering with perfect time long right
knee stooping the Spanish fighter  winner Dale TKO rnd 2

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