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Danny Mitchell

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Danny 'The Cheesecake Assassin' Mitchell 25 Years old (training since age 10) 

Total MMA fights = 18 wins 5 losses 1 draw (Pro 10-3-1) 

Holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Combat Base UK/USA

Specialises in grappling for MMA with 13 of 18 wins coming by way of submission.

Titles and Medals:

- European 77kg Pro MMA Champion (Ultimate Force FC)

- 2 x British 77kg Pro MMA Champion (Total Combat FC)

- 1 x British 77kg Semi Pro MMA Champion (Phoenix FC)

- 2 x British Light Heavy Boxing Champion (Prizefighter UK)

- Multiple Gold Medal Winner in National No Gi Grappling Competition

- Junior Silver and Bronze Medalist in World and European Kickboxing (WAKO)

- Junior Gold Medalist in British Kickboxing (WFFO)

Competed in Boxing, Kickboxing, K1, Judo, BJJ, Submission Wrestling, Karate, Full-contact Stick Fights and Bareknuckle.

Fought all over the UK as well as internationally in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Jordan.

Has trained many British MMA Champions, 1 x British Boxing Champion and Multiple Grappling Champions including World and European medal winners.

His MMA fight team took 40 wins against only 7 losses in 2011.

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