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27/02/2011 FRONTIER!!


27/02/2011 - Frontier News Results & Images



The 27th of February at the Frontier was an explosive night and a successful one for our Gym.

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Once again a great line up @ UKs biggest & best run shows with again a full fight card with fighters from all over England & Holland

Fight No1 was Louis Lee Scott Golden Team v Liam Wheldon Calder Thai @ 37kg great start to the show with the 2 juniors both using all great Muay Thai scoring Techniques with a fair result from the judges (DRAW)  

Fight No2 - Dave Forrest Phoenix Gym v Nathan Joseph Joseph Muay Thai.  Battle of the 2 big guys both well over 6ft tall with Dave been just too strong for the lighter Nathan. RSF rnd 3 winner Dave Forrest.  

Fight No3 - Blake Moore MMM & Dean Whites Gym v Lee Malkin Sapphire Gym both lads 56kg. Malkin the more experienced unbeaten fighter with Blake the more aggresive fighter rnd 1 both lads looking for big shots, Malkin coming forward with Blake picking him off. Rnd 2 much of the same, Rnd 3 Blake stepped up a gear giving Malkin a 10 count winner on all judges cards Blake Moore

Fight 4 Lewis Tams West Leeds v Naveed Javid Calder Thai 63kg. Both lads very tall & thin and using there weapons well. Good match and close fight. Winner Lewis Tams

Fight 5 Jamie Sutton Dean Whites Gym 69kg v Bilal El Bangy Holland 72kg. 1st International bout of the day Sutton weighing way above his normal fighting weight Bilal typical Dutch fighter very powerfull puncher & kicker trying to pick Sutton off with massive punches, Everytime Sutton tried to clinch Bilal would fall to the ground with warnings from the ref very scrappy fight due to Bilal not wanting to fight Muay Thai style. Winner on all judges cards Jamie Sutton

Fight 6 Junior Title fight 30kg Koby Macmara Golden Team v Liam Hearns Forventudo. Very fast 1st rnd Koby being the stonger at end of rnd 1 Hearns didnt want to continue the fight. NEW Area junior title champion Koby Macmara

Fight 7 Jonny Gilroy Dean Whites Gym 77kg v Jan Bousiri Holland 80kg. Jan in fantastic condition and looked like he had been training very hard for this fight. Gilroy also trained well. This fight can be summed up in a word, WAR! Gilroy tried everything to take Jan out of his comfort zone but was relentless coming forward not 1 person sat on there seat at the end another great score by the judges DRAW

Fight 8 Stuart Kemp Mike Tobins 71.6kg Mo Bouziri Holland. Kemp started as usual at a very fast pace and catching Mo cold who also didnt want to continue. Winner TKO Kemp

Fight 9 Junior Title fight Bethan Oates Dean Whites Gym v Rebbeca Forventudo 47kg. Rebbeca too big too tall & too clever for Bethan using her push kicks to great effect & keeping Bethan off balance top girl for the future. Judges scores were 49-47 49-47 49-47 to winner Rebbeca

Fight 10 Craig Fullard Mike Tobins v Jack Nicolls Way Of life 64kg. Craig straight out of the traps catching Jack with crisp punches who was unable to continue winner Craig Fullard

Fight 11 Nicole Watson Dean Whites Gym v Ruth Elite Muay Thai 61kg. Great ladys fight both fighting for 3 rnds none stop both getting caught with some nice kicks & punches winner on all judges cards Nicole Watson

Fight 12 Steve Wain Golden Team v Paul Henderson Sapphire Gym 72kg. 3rnds of none stop action both guys there for a battle. Great for the spectators to watch winner on points Paul Henderson

Fight 13 Northern Area title fight 62kg Javid Rasourri Dean Whites Gym v Karl Pearson Frankies Gym. This was a rematch with Javid winning last one on points but Pearson taking the fight on 5 days notice. Javid started very calm and relaxed catching pearson with kicks & punches at ease but the tough gutsy Pearson was not deterd and kept coming forward cathing Javid with big inside leg kicks this was how the fight went for first 3 rnds, then Javid picked the pace up catching Karl with vicous body punches and giving him counts in the latter rnds. Winner & NEW Area Champion Javid Rassourri

Fight 14 Alex Bratton Gainsbrough MMA v Luke Naylor Joseph Muay Thai. This was battle of the big guys both over 100kg. Both lads very evenly matched both trying all Muay Thai weapons again another great result from judges DRAW

Fight 15 Northen Area K1 Title 64kg Lawson Tennant MMM & Dean Whites Gym v Sean Ellis Frankies Gym. 1st rnd Sean looking for big shots but Lawson very clever and countering evrything. Rnd 2 Lawson getting stronger catching Ellis with head kick he tried and wanted to keep fighting but was stopped by ref & trainer. Winner & NEW K1 Champion Lawson Tennant

Fight 16 Martin Tasker Golden Team v Andy Smith Joseph Thai Both fighter looking for big shots Martin with some very spectacular kick & jumping knees Andy dug in and threw everything but Tasker just too strong. Winner Martin Tasker

Fight 17 Scott Marsden Kings Gym v Anthony Audus Frankies Gym, Excellent fight to finish the show. Marsden showed great technique and skills but didnt detere the gutsy Audus who was there to win 5 rnds of none stop action from both fighters but Marsden just too strong & clever. Winner Scott Marsden

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